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Frequently asked questions about SiteManager

  • How to move the generated website in the docroot?
    • Copy the sitemgr-site directory to the docroot, e.g. cd egroupware/sitemgr/sitemgr-site; cp -r * ../../..
    • Edit the copied file in the docroot and change phpgw_path to point to the eGW install dir, e.g. 'egroupware'.
    • Go to SiteManager -> define website and edit the existing website (or create a new one) to use the URL '/' or 'http://mydomain/' and as path use the path to the docroot.

  • How to have the nice URLs with only the page-names instead of index.php?pagename=XYZ?
    • Edit the file in the sitemgr-site directory (or whereever copied from) and set htaccess_rewrite to True,
    • Rename the 'htaccess' file in the same dir to '.htaccess' and
    • Configure the webserver to read .htaccess files and AllowOverride FileInfo for that directory.

  • SiteManager first page or I don't want to have an automatic site index on my startpage / homepage
    • Go to the site-configuration (admin only) and create a page (in whatever category) and assign it as start page (page to use if no page is requested). 
    • That page can have only a HTML module, with not automatic index. But it will have all site-wide modules which can't be suppressed. Each page has the site-wide module, the modules of its category  (and all its parent categories) plus the modules of the page.

  • Can I have multiple sites in Sub-directories, eg. and
    • It is possible: the site handling the root-dir has to be the last one created, as it's URL would also match the URL's of the other sites. Atm. there is no other way to influence the searching.
    • An other way to handle that situation is assigning each of the sub-sites an own category and giving that user / group read- or edit rights only for that category. 

  • How to create anonymous access to a SiteManager site?
    • Create a user WITH a password (it does NOT work without) and enter that user's name & password when you define or edit the website. Setup creates a user named 'anonymous' in group 'NoGroup?' for that purpose.
    • The anonymous user needs to have access to 'sitemgr-link' application (NOT sitemgr).
    • The anonymous user needs to have read-access to the parts of the site he should be able to see!!!

  • How is it possible to share an user calendar on the SiteManager?
    • Give the anonymous user read access to the user's (or group's) calendar. Do NOT give access to the calendar application to the anonymous user (or else, everyone will be able to file events).
    • Within the web site, add a block calendar_list for a calendar list or calendar_month for a grid (register the modules in SiteManager, they are not selectable)
    • Configure the new module to your needs, e.g. by selecting the user (or group) whose calendar should be shown.
    • For calendar_list, adapt your website's stylesheet. Refer to file calendar/sitemgr/ which includes an example style sheet.

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