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Manage websites

You can manage different websites with the SiteManager. The first thing to do is to define the new website. SiteManager defines a default website upon installation, but you will probably have to redefine it or add a new website. Log in as Egroupware administrator, go into EGroupware's admin application and choose “define websites” in the SiteManager section. In the now listed default website choose to edit it or add a new website.
A website is defined by the following values:

  • Site_name: This is not used on the website. The site name just helps identify a website inside the administration interface.
  • Filesystem_path_to_sitemgr-site_directoryIf the sitemgr-site-directory has not been moved this path can be left unchanged. 
  • URL_to_sitemgr-site: This URL can also be left unchanged if you want to access your public website with a URL that looks like http:/your.eGW.url/sitemgr/sitemgr-site. For a different URL either move the sitemgr-site- directory or use an alias or a virtual server in the webserver's configuration.
  • Anonymous_user's_username: The account name you created above.
  • Anonymous_user's_password: The corresponding password for the anonymous user.
  • Site_administrators: Choose the users and/or groups that should have administrator rights for the website. They do not have to be adminstrators in EGroupware's sense.

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