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Community support

EGroupware is a global project. Many people all over the world helping others, discussing any kind of questions regarding EGroupware, software operation and customisation.

By asking for community support in the user forum, please keep in mind that you are not paying for this support. The people helping you are spending their free time. You'll increase your chance of getting support by taking notice of the below mentioned conventions:

  • First have a look into the currently existing resources:
    • Read the manual and search the other articles in the Wiki.
    • Search the Forum for your topic, maybe it's already answered.
  • Do not contact community members or developers privately.
  • Do not crosspost your issue to multiple lists.

The relation of the user forum and the commercial support of Stylite's EGroupware Developers

  • The Stylite EGroupware developers are members of the project community and involved in the user forum. They analyse problems and requests from users worldwide, comitting solutions to the current code base.
  • Stylite's development team works professionally full-time on EGroupware. Stylite usually does not reply to support requests in the user forum, but provides information and gives feedback to actual EGroupware issues and software development.
  • Stylite offers support services for customers worldwide, regarding EGroupware operation, Linux engineering, training and customisation. Customers are in direct touch with Stylite's EGroupware developers and system experts.
  • Discussion and exchange with other EGroupware developers takes place in the developer forum.

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