Neue SiteMgr Website: Create, add and edit blocks

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Create, add and edit blocks

Page contents can be edited in using the content manager or the editing window that opens in editing mode. The opening interfaces for both options are identical. There are some standard interface elements editable for the most blocks:

  • Title: Each module defines a default title for the blocks it generates. The block title is not necessarily displayed in each content area. It depends on the block transformer defined for the content area by the site template you use. You can override the default title with a customized title that will be used only by the block you are editing. To have no title displayed insert a space. 
  • Seen by:  The default is "everybody". You can control the visibilities of each block for the different user roles defined by SiteManager
    (site "administrators", "EGroupware users" (including site administrators) and the "anonymous" users.
  • Sort Order: Change the order in which the blocks are displayed by defining a different integer for each block.
  • Scope: shows all corresponding categories and pages or "Site wide"
  • Version and state: shows the version number and the state belonging to the publishing work flow. 

Creating a content block SiteManager automatically generates a new version for the block. A block always shows the highest version. For each version you can edit all block specific arguments. Block specific arguments can be of different types e.g. check boxes, select boxes, URLs or text fields.

Using different blocks
A list of all available blocks and the most common ones are described in detail on the next pages.

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